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Nov. 12th, 2011 | 10:06 pm


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(no subject)

Jun. 17th, 2008 | 11:27 pm

In case this wasn't obvious before, my journal is now - mostly - friends only.

Read these instead:
Time Is Poetry
On Politics

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New LJ colors 'n' shit...

Feb. 3rd, 2008 | 03:13 am
mood: sleepysleepy

Decided to change up the ol' LiveJournal. I don't think I've redone the color scheme or anything since...like...my high school graduation. Haha. I needed something to prevent me from doing my actual work. I started the project earlier in the evening and finished it off now because the Mountain Dew just hit me.

Now, however, I am getting tired and I have to pee. I want this cold to go away. I can't breathe.

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Schedule Update...

Jan. 22nd, 2008 | 03:41 pm
music: colour revolt - "naked and red"

Because, I have my priorities straight, I rearranged my spring schedule so that the latest I am on campus is 2:30pm. LOL. I figure this allows a little more driving time for days which require long drives.

9:50am - 12:50pm // Screenwriting // MU-002
1:10pm - 2:30pm // Nature of Politics // SC-135 **

9:50am - 11:10am // Later Romantic Lit. // MU-301
11:30am - 12:50pm // Creative Writing Nonfiction // MU-002
1:10pm - 2:30pm // Shakespeare: Jacobean Plays // SC-135

10:55am - 12:15pm // Nature of Politics (recitation) // HCK-112 **
1:10pm - 2:30pm // Nature of Politics // SC-135 **

1:10pm - 2:30pm // Shakespeare: Jacobean Plays // SC-135

9:50am - 11:10am // Later Romantic Lit. // MU-301
11:30am - 12:50pm // Creative Writing Nonfiction // MU-002

** = I don't have to attend; I'm opting for an independent study instead because PoliSci 101 would have killed me with boredom. So, even though RU thinks I have class on Wednesday, I don't.

I also opted for part two of the Shakespeare class I was taking last semester instead of some random history class because (a) I liked the professor, (b) I had room in my schedule, (c) I know what to expect, and (d) it gets out at 2:30pm rather than 4:10pm, hahaha.

This is the first entry that won't be friends only since November, I think. Hahaha. Weird.

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This (mostly) makes up for my empty inbox...

Nov. 25th, 2007 | 09:00 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: the miracle of '86 - "sweet helmet, olerud"


Yay. :D

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Oh, we were singing hallelujah...

Nov. 22nd, 2007 | 09:14 pm
mood: fullfull
music: aeroplane, 1929 - "flag and crucifix"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I'm very full.

I'm killing time before I watch a movie with my mom. I can hardly move. Haha. It's a good thing, though. I may need to start running in between my classes to work this off, but...oh well.

Got a couple things done today. I cleaned my fish tank, which was in desperate need of a good washing. The water was really low...and orange. Two of the little plastic plants were floating around. The filter was filthy. Now, it's nice a clean and the fish are lively. I wasn't worried about them dying this time, though. I can tell when they get lethargic that the tank is in really bad shape, but this was not THAT bad. I cleaned Pablo's cage last weeks, so all the wildlife in my room live in clean habitats now.

I sent out my short story to a couple interested parties. Surprisingly, my cousin requested a read, so I sent it to her. I haven't even heard from her in...months. But, that's cool. Maybe I'll start doing it this way more often. It's nice knowing who's reading it...that people are reading it at all. I must thank Rob, again, for his kind words yesterday. *muah* If anyone wants to read my latest short story, you'll have to send me a message/comment with your email address.

Wrote Elizabeth back. Wrote Mike back.

Read some NY Times articles. Ugh, this world is fucked.

Helped Mom with the cooking. I made corn pudding! It's not very hard, but if anyone can mess up food, I'm the one. I helped with some other stuff, too, but mainly non-food-related stuff. My mom's not that stupid. Just 'cause I didn't fuck up one item of food doesn't mean I wouldn't find a way to mess up another.

Mike wrote me back. It'll have to wait. Too full. Too sleepy.

Dinner. Sooooo good. I'm so full. We didn't even have desert. Just loads of turkey. My cats were going nuts. Apparently, turkey is Miss Kitten's favorite food. She was crying for turkey before it was even out of the over. The cats may have eaten about as much as I did...and they still wanted more once I was full.

I helped clean up a little and then I laid on the couch...flat on my back...unable to move. Kitten jumped up on me and made herself comfortable. She's been very clingy since I've been home. I don't think she likes it when I tour or when I'm out all weekend. When my door opens in the morning, she jumps in and attaches herself to me. It's kind of nice; I have to admit. She's a bitch to everyone else. She's a bitch to me too, most of the time, but sometimes she can be very pleasant. (And - who am I kidding? - she's a cute kitten and I love her dearly.) This evening was an example of that. She rested herself on my chest, facing me, and just started purring. My parents were both upstairs and the lights were off downstairs expect for the garland Mom and I put up. It was quiet and I can feel Kitten purring. It was cute. It's little moments like that that make me thankful that I managed to get through the last couple of years alive.

So, I'm going to go watch a movie with Mom and Katie (another cat, but she lives in my parents' room; thus, I don't see her too often). Then, perhaps I'll mingle on the Internet. Maybe I'll write Mike back, but I'm not sure I'll have enough brain cells active for that. Jess is home, but not online. :( I am chatting with the lovely Katharine.

This Aeroplane, 1929 EP is really fucking good. I've been listening to that, the AA Bondy record, and the Bonzie demos for the last three days. Oh! I listened to I Am The Avalanche yesterday because Katharine played it on the ride to Philly. It's so good. I Am The Avalanche and Colour Revolt: stop being chumps and put out records! I listened to some Movielife 'cause I felt like torturing myself and some Saves The Day because I got "At Your Funeral" stuck in my head. (Not that that's a bad thing...especially since I had Panic! At The Disco stuck in my head before that.)

I'm losing it. It's been a long day.

Jess Perry: you should be online.

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We all got names here...

Nov. 15th, 2007 | 11:34 pm
mood: pessimisticpessimistic
music: colour revolt - "our homes are graves"

Low profile.
Low life.

Haven't felt comfortable talking or even writing.
Haven't had much desire to do anything.
Haven't been seen.
Haven't been heard.
Haven't been bright enough.
Haven't been loud enough.

^ See, I don't have to use perfect grammar all the time.

Last week was long and stressful.

This week was more of the same. At least last week, I had two KD shows. It should have been three, but I fucked up. I hate myself. Grrr. At least the inability to go to Cambridge made me feel better about going to D.C. A lot of things had me feel better about going to D.C. :/ Not the NSA, but...yeah. I'm really fucked. The Bowery show was beyond words, though. I got to see Socratic for the first time in over two years. Haha. They were jammy...as jammy as you can get without playing anything from "It's Getting Late." Kevin was like...a band. I wish I hadn't left in such a foul mood. I should have taken more medication; I would have done less damage. Saturday was fucked and depressing. 700 days / 100 weeks my ass. Bullshit numbers. Hung out at Melissa's though and had ice cream cake...there was a silver lining.

The fun began last Thursday with a Shakespeare exam that kicked my ass. Then, I spent the weekend studying (and teaching Mitchell the entire first half of our Western Political Tradition course) and - unfortunately - not seeing Kevin. We had our Western Tradition exam on Monday. Ehh. It was two essays and, therefore, a lot less difficult than Schochet's other exams. It could have been worse. I told Mitchell consequentialism and deontology wouldn't be on the exam. Did he listen? Nooo. He's lucky I love him. I could have strangled him any number of times, but he supplied me with hot chocolate and grilled cheese. My two-page critique for Creative Writing was due on Monday also. I wrote it Saturday. No problem. [Got it back yesterday: "another super critique" said my professor. A. At least I'm doing well in one of my English classes.] Tuesday, I had three classes and my Colonial/Postcolonial Lit. professor gave us all until Thursday to hand in our papers (which had originally been due on Tuesday). Mine was done, but I held on to it anyway. My Principles of Lit. paper was due Wednesday. I hate that class and I still don't understand the paper assignment. Today, I had another three classes and turned in my Colonial/Postcolonial Lit. paper. I entitled it "China Men In America" because it's about the novel "China Men" and also how Chinese immigrants faired in America. I should have entitled it "Coming To America" and I should have left the "Chinese Food Song" quote in, but I pussied out.

My week is - more or less - done. I have to go to PHS tomorrow, but that's my only chore. I want to edit a new short story because I may hand it in for my Creative Writing class. It's due Monday. It's a little long, but the professor told me it was okay. I'll have to get copies made this weekend. :/ I'm worried about it. My professor is the only person who has seen it so far. I wrote it in three days, very quickly for me. It's eleven pages (or will be once it's double-spaced and all). It's personal...probably why it was so easy to write. I'm not sure I'll even post it. I don't know what to do with it. It fits the assignment, though, and the professor said with a little fixing up it'd be good to present. We'll see. I only write two kinds of stories: corny love stories or depressing stories about hating yourself. The former aren't worth reading and the latter are better, but tend to be personal.

This weekend should help my mood. I hope. It's full of Katharine, Bonzie, and Colour Revolt. I'm skipping Colour Revolt at Maxwell's (kinda heartbreaking) to see Bonz at Piano's (which totally makes up for it), but then Katharine and I are catching Colour Revolt in Philly on Sunday. I'm finally going to get my Colour Revolt tee shirt!

I'm totally burned out. On the bright side, I only have four class 'til Thanksgiving break. During break, I hope to read and write a lot. I want to write a lot. I want to work whatever this is out before it gets worse, worse, worse.

This doesn't help. I'm glad we're winning hearts and minds.

Oh...and way to go fuck up the only sport I care about, Barry Bonds. I hope your testicles are inverted. If Alex Rodrigez signs with the Mets, I'm boycotting next season.

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Mother cried and the cops were called...

Nov. 2nd, 2007 | 01:19 am
mood: sleepysleepy
music: manchester orchestra - "play it again, sam! you don't have any feathers"

Quickish recap of the week...

Last Saturday was Jess' birthday. Fun times. On Sunday, I wrote. All day. I finished a short story and it'd be awesome if it got read: http://timeispoetry.blogspot.com/2007/10/coast-to-coast.html.

Monday was bleh. We started doing play writing in Creative Writing. I've had a thing against play writing since Berzok. I hope I get over that.

Tuesday was Manchester Orchestra in Philly with Jess, Katharine, and Catherine. We got into Philly early in hopes of catching a screening of the "What's Left Behind" Documentary, but there was a problem with the DVD. We waited a while because they thought they'd be able to fix it, but it never worked. So, they gave us free shit. Katharine did the best swoop-in ever to get the 7" for us. So, I got the Annuals/Manchester 7" and the "Wolves At Night" single. Then, they raffled off the DVD because it worked, it just wouldn't go over the projector and I actually managed to win it. [I watched it later when I got home. So good. I cried.] Chatted. Hangs. Awesomeness combined with an increased awareness of creeps.

Tuesday's set list:
- New song (the "merch" one)
- Wolves At Night
- Now That You're Home
- Alice And Interiors
- Golden Ticket
- I Can Feel Your Pain
- I Can Barely Breathe
- Colly Strings (with new intro)
- Where Have You Been?
- Sleeper 1972
- 'Turn Out The Light' (not sure what it was, haven't had time to research it)

I felt the Philly show. That seems to be a trend. It always hits me harder in Philly. (Fucking "Wolves At Night" made me cry!) Post-show, included more hangs, chats with Andy, and PUB! Andy talked to us about Conan (which was scheduled for the following day) and Halloween: he promised a onesie and he did not disappoint! Mike confirmed. Fucking sweet. Got home late, though, and then watched the DVD, so waking up for class Wednesday morning sucked.

Wednesday, I went to my classes, left the second class early to catch a train into the city. I got in around 3:30 and met up with Katharine. We met up with the rest of the crew at Rockefeller Center for the Conan taping. Catherine got us tickets for Manchester on Conan. I'd never done any of the late night TV show tapings before. The only TV things I've ever done are IMX when I was in high school and the Stephen Lynch taping over the summer that still hasn't aired. It was pretty awesome, though. Andy saw us before the taping. Big smile on his face...and why not? He's an awesome dude in a great band performing on Conan O'Brien. I'd be pretty fucking happy too! They played "Wolves At Night." So good. <3 And I realized I'd hit it with Brian Williams. Is that weird?

Then, we headed in the direction of Bowery, looking for food along the way. The Nevers opened and I liked what I heard, but I was way too tired to stand during their set. Manchester went on and were fucking AMAZING! Three of the five boys came out in dresses. One in a mask. Andy in Brian Bonz's red onesie. How he managed to play the whole set in that thing is beyond me, but it was great. I'm glad the onesie made a comeback.

Wednesday's set list:
- New song (the "merch" one)
- Wolves At Night
- Now That You're Home
- Alice And Interiors
- Golden Ticket
- I Can Barely Breathe
- Colly Strings (with new intro)
- I Can Barely Breathe
- Where Have You Been?
- 'Turn Out The Light'

My pictures can be found: http://www.flickr.com/photos/time_is_poetry/. They all fit on the first page, but if you venture to the second page you'll see I finally posted my Brand New pictures from Boston (09.22.07). We didn't really stick around much for The Annuals. We'd missed them the night before because we were hoping to see the Manchester documentary and we were too tired to hang Wednesday night. So, we headed to our trains.

Catherine left for Texas Thursday morning. Jess' and my first class was canceled, so we got to sleep a little...but I forgot to alert Mitchell; I got in touch with him before he went to class, though. Haha. I had two classes and...bleh.

Tomorrow, I hope to accomplish the following (in no particular order):
- Finished my short story for Creative Writing.
- Write Warren back.
- Write Mike back.
- Visit PHS.

...another day of virtually non-stop writing. Haha. It's mostly recreational writing, though. Even the Creative Writing story is - probably - the sequel to a story I'm writing that's already too long for this assignment. I'm trying to write a short follow-up to one I'm still in the process of writing in hopes that I can hand it, but it has to be under 10 pages. Since I know - more or less - where Part 1 on the story is going, I feel okay writing a Part 2 even if Part 1 isn't done yet. I'm not sure how I'll post them. Since I'll probably finish Part 2 before Part 1, should I post in first or wait until Part 1 is done? Any suggestions? Does anyone read them or care? (Haha...no.) As far as writing Warren and Mike, that'll be time consuming, but worth it. I haven't had a chat with Warren in a long time and he brought up the subject of Neutral Milk Hotel in his last email, so I obviously have to comment. He lives in South Africa and wants to see Brand New really badly. He's a huge Brand New fan: knows more about them than half their US fans. Haha. He'll hopefully be visiting the US next year in January or February and is hoping he may get to see them, but...I don't know if his wish will come true. I hope it does. We've talked about seeing Brand New together and he's excited about it. Mike is another story because we're dealing with multiple topics. I may have to leave him for last. He reports that the turn out to these shows have been low. Not surprised at all. He says he gets the feeling Kevin's fans either don't realize he's on this tour or don't see the point in attending for a half an hour long set. Amateurs. Then, I just have to do is visit PHS for some radio business. Jess will be joining me around 2pm for that. We're getting a tour of the new PHS studio. I'm jealous already!

Saturday, Katharine is going to come down and we're doing radio and seeing Jennifer O'Connor at Maxwell's. (Rob: are you working Saturday night? If you are, we'll see you then!!)

I should sleep. I've been bragging too much tonight.

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I'd give myself a hand...

Nov. 1st, 2007 | 12:17 pm
mood: distresseddistressed
music: kevin devine - "confessional at 6pm"

I don't have time to write, but I am totally creeped out by people. Ugh. I miss the simpler days. I honestly feel a little sick. As much as I wish I didn't know what was going on, I'm glad not to be ignorant of it.

More to come. Maybe.

Manchester in Philly and NYC were amazing. Set lists, pictures, and thought to come.

I <3 Garden Salsa Sun Chips. Jenny, you've created an addict out of me.

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Not a word was said, but her mom knows I'm upstairs...

Oct. 26th, 2007 | 01:38 pm
mood: weirdweird
music: bonzie - "edison..."

This week was pretty quiet. Last weekend was fucking awesome, but it has already been written about so...I won't go into it again. Great fucking show, though.

Monday through Wednesday were normal days: no shows, no doctor's appointments, no rushing around. I did get an email on Wednesday from my friend Warren in South Africa. He downloaded "Fork And Knife" and thought of me. Haha. I was really excited to heard from him. It's been a while.

Schochet went on a rant about language on Monday and I was freaking out. I've decided that I'm a bitch and I don't care, but use correct fucking punctuation when writing to me, please. I will correct your grammar. I've become very intolerant. Just because email and MySpace messages are quick doesn't mean you can't spell shit out and use and period now and then. I can't spell for my life. That's what spell check is for and it doesn't take that long to reread what you wrote. I mean, everyone makes mistakes and it's not a big deal, but sometimes it's just annoying and unforgivable. I also understand that purposeful misuse can be part of technique and I can deal with that as well, but it's the thoughtlessness with which some go about writing that ticks me the fuck off. We have this wonderful thing called language that no other species really has and we're destroying it. (I am particularly guilty of using consecutive fragment sentences to chop up certain sections of my writing when I feel like the pause of a comma just isn't long enough, had I - for example - put them all together in one sentence with a sequence.)

This language thing has been on my mind, possibly because of Schochet and possibly because of the book I read over the summer. Schochet's speech on Monday about abbreviations was almost inspiring. Haha. He's partially dyslexic so he abbreviates his notes and sometimes when he goes back over them, they don't translate correctly into the full words. In the past, I remember, he's sent out emails to correct something in previous emails in which he used an incorrect spelling or something. He's a political philosopher with a very soft spot of language. I wish I had the balls to talk to him, but he intimidates me. He's far too fucking smart for me, but - at least - his rants allow me to feel slightly better about my own pet peeves.

I may go on with this note in the future, but I probably won't do it publicly, at least not until I've really put it all together. Another couple of topics I want to spend time writing on deal with religion (thanks to Mike) and justice (thanks - again - to Schochet), but not unnecessarily together. I wish I had time to write. (This whole paragraph is more just a note to myself so I suppose you can disregard it.)

Anyway, Thursday was awesome. I had three classes (the not awesome part) and then I met up with Jess and Katharine for Kevin Devine at Chubby's in Red Bank. Before I get to the show, though, I want to mention one thing about class briefly. I GOT A 90% ON MY SHAKESPEARE EXAM! I'm so fucking relieved. I took that exam the day of Kevin / Jeremy Enigk and I was really stressed out over it. Yay, me!

Katharine made it to my house just as I returned home from class and the bank. I had some shit to take care of at home. Jess met us at my place and then we headed to Red Bank. During the drive, I noticed Mike had written me back. I wasn't really expecting him to since my last message didn't really require much of a response and I'm sure he's busy getting his shit together before he leaves for tour, but it gave me something to ponder. The trip was short. No traffic. Easy parking. Nice (though chilly) evening.

We didn't really pay attention to the opening bands. Usually, I like to check out openers, but - eh. We met up with 'Toms River' Mike there and a couple of his friends. I love that kid. He's really a sweetheart.

Kevin's look has never really effected how I thought about him, obviously. I've hated that beard since he started growing it, but it hasn't stopped me from going to see him every chance I get. I don't like the new haircut too much, but I am looking at it optimistically: in a couple of months when it grows out a little, it'll be really cute. The short hair wouldn't even be that bad if he'd tame that goddamn fucking beard! But, my draw to Kevin has never really been what he looked like so I don't much care as long as he doesn't stop playing music.

It was a - mostly - requests set. He took two for himself ("Just Stay" and "Brooklyn Boy"), but the rest were requests. I didn't request anything. I've gotten to hear a lot of my jams over the years and, really, the only songs I'd want to request are songs I've never heard him play live before (and I've probably never heard them live because he doesn't like playing them and I don't want to be a dick requesting something I know he doesn't want to play).

It was a sweet set, though:
- You Are My Sunshine (which I don't want to talk about)
- Protest Singer (with extended ending that makes me cry)
- Probably (with "Nevermind" instead of "Crooked Rain")
- Haircut
- Write Your Story Now (Ughhh...I love that song. <3)
- Tomorrow's Just Too Late
- Just Stay (...at least he gave me my verse)
- Brooklyn Boy
- You Are The Daybreak
- Splitting Up Christmas
- Ballgame

He only had, like, half an hour to play and that really sucked, but it was a really good half an hour. I think the rest of Team Kevz can relate: I want another Smithtown. I want a KD headlining show where he can just play as long as he wants, with or without the band. I tend to even lean more towards no band only because he's more likely to play weird shit when he's alone.

Post-show, we played an erotic picture match-up game thing. LOL@us. The bartended was rooting for us until he had to kick everyone out. We said our goodbyes to Kevin and headed to Wawa. Katharine and Jess were both very unhappy with the lack of the advertised hot turkey hoogie and I somehow managed to pick up the wrong sandwich, one with bacon (and for some reason bacon grosses me out these days). However, the bacon was easily picked off and donated to Katharine.

I got coffee, which was a good idea at the time, but left me feeling weird as shit as it wore off. We got back to my place and said our goodbyes to each other. Jess had a paper and Katharine had a long drive back to Long Island. I was ansty amd hyper, at first. I lurked the Internet a bit for this kid's band. I've made a friend in my Colonial/Postcolonial Lit. class and I told him I'd check his band out on MySpace...he gave me his "slash." It took me a week to remember to do it, though. So, that was my first priority. He's a really nice kid and it's nice to have someone it that class to talk to. Then, I wrote Mike back a ridiculous note. In retrospect, it was a much longer note than was probably needed, but I had caffeine in me so I can't be responsible for my actions. Plus, he was talking to me about religion and Brand New fans (not together)...I can't cover that in a short note!

The caffeine started wearing off around 1am or something and I began to remember that I'd been up since 8am and was feeling really fucked up. I started thinking things that weren't me...anymore. It was weird and unsettling and I'm still not sure what to make of it. I'm trying to figure out why I woke up feeling so glum today. Everything's good, really good. Maybe it's just the gloomy weather. I don't know. I feel it festering and I can't even pinpoint exactly what "it" is. I'm assuming this is another lull of mine that will disappear about as quickly as it came, but I can't figure it out and I feel really fucking sad, for absolutely no reason. It's frustrating because this time yesterday I was really happy. I hate my moods. I hate my temper. I'm too tired for all this.

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